Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Don't dust ... it could be somebody you know


Dust                                                            Quote Pin  
Absent                                                            Minded Pin

Steve                                                            Martin Quote                                                            Pin

Shower                                                            Quote Pin

Fat Quote                                                            Pin

Good Day                                                            Quote Pin

Chance                                                            Quote Pin

Sharp                                                            Tongue Quote                                                            Pin

Nothing                                                            Quote Pin

Kindness                                                            Quote Pin

Will                                                            Rogers Pin


Dorothy                                                            Parker Money                                                            Quote

Clint                                                            Eastwood                                                            Marriage                                                            Quote

Molly                                                            Ivins                                                            Narrow-Minded                                                            Quote

Demetri                                                            Martin's Heart                                                            Attack Quote

Anonymous                                                            Parachute                                                            Quote

Yogi                                                            Berra Funeral                                                            Quote

Charlie                                                            Chaplin Jerks                                                            Quote

Picasso                                                            Poor Man                                                            Quote

Clarence                                                            Darrow                                                            President                                                            Quote



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