Friday, March 1, 2024

Donald Trump is broke hahahaha

No cartoon this time. I'll leave it to you to read the whole editorial if you wish. If not, here's
an excerpt:

> Donald Trump is a deeply, deeply stupid man. History's greatest dumbass. Trump amassed great
> wealth and power as an unhappy accident, the byproduct of an inherently corrupt nation designed to
> prop up his ilk at the expense of normal, cool people. He then used that wealth and power to
> brainwash our dimmest citizens into believing that he was a new messiah, with big strong ideas and
> even bigger, stronger pectoral muscles. He was the take-no-guff rich guy that his voters imagined
> they themselves could one day be. He was their proxy. And now he can't even find $450 million in
> his couch cushions, almost certainly because he never had it to begin with. Look at this joyless,
> penniless loser as he's forced to look into a working mirror for perhaps the first time ever.

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