Thursday, April 23, 2020

Fwd: Re: A couple of tunes for our times, from the Left Coast.

Here's a little bit of good news from someone on my list. Lest we forget, the Earl Warren court was the result of an Eisenhower appointment. Eisenhower reportedly said that the Warren appointment was "The biggest damn fool mistake I ever made." It strikes me that Eisenhower was no fool, so I tend to doubt that report, but if true, it points up just how far from their appointers the justices can stray. There's always hope.


If you're looking for good news, in 2 recent Supreme Court cases, they
ruled 6-3 in favor of requiring unanimous verdicts in criminal cases and
that groundwater was protected by the Clean Air and Water Act.
Gorsuch wrote the majority opinion in the verdict case, and Kavanaugh
voted with the majority in both cases.
I really don't like the way Mitch McTurtle gamed the system, but at least
Gorsuch and Kavanaugh don't look like rubber stamps for the Republican/Trump

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